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Divine Delight offers a spiritual inner awakening through the healing science of Ayurveda and Yoga

reconnecting the missing pieces between mind, body, heart and the higher self.

At twenty-seven, doctors told Geeta Arora that her sudden multiple autoimmune disorders and Hodgkin’s Disease with Lymphoma meant she had only a matter of two to six months to live. Refusing chemotherapy and other conventional treatments, Geeta turned to Ayurvedic medicine as her last hope.

Geeta experienced a divine healing, crossing over into the spiritual realm while being guided by her spiritual Master, Sai Baba. Geeta believed it was time to leave her body, but ultimately her spirit rejoined its earthly habitation after receiving and experiencing her life’s message with a vision and a soul purpose.

Immediately after she received Ayurvedic therapies, in only three weeks of hot oil massages, steam, herbal remedies, and a nourishing diet of wholesome foods chosen to help her body restore its immune system, Geeta found that she was free from disease with an ability to heal.

By sharing her personal experiences and wisdom about Consciousness, Ayurveda and Yoga in Divine Delight, Geeta opens readers’ eyes to the illusions that separate humanity from the essence of who we are by conversations about the missing pieces between mind, body, heart and the higher self.

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Calm the mind, focus on inner self and get to know yourself. Peace is attained through controlling the five senses.


Food brings nutrients to mind and body. The ability to digest food is based on the six tastes of sweet, sour, salty, astringent, bitter and pungent.

Body Care

Relax the nervous system, clear the lymphtic tissues and let go of stress, pressure causing anxiety, insomnia and other health imbalances.

Dr. Virender Sodhi, MD (Ayurveda), ND Fellow in Integrative Oncology

In 1997, I got a call from one of my patients who referred me to his niece from California.  She had some mysterious disease and the family was very distressed about it.  I was happy to consult with her and see what we could do.
Within a few days, a very pretty young girl walked into my office with lots of fear and anxiety written on her face. As I was completing my intake form, taking her history, tears were rolling down her face.  She told me that she had been diagnosed with various ailments including lupus, meningitis, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and finally Hodgkin disease.  
We talked about her health issues including nutritional habits, exercise routine, sexuality and her mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Pulse diagnosis revealed that she had emotional, mental and physical trauma around seven years ago, which she tried to sweep under the carpet.
I advised a nutritional program, herbal medicine, exercise, yoga, breathing exercises, and Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatments to cleanse her system. Almost within one month her symptoms abated, and she started to feel better.
Indeed, she felt so much better that she went on to become a yoga teacher and studied Ayurvedic medicine. Her miraculous recovery is not just due to excellent care she received at our clinic, but mostly due to the inherent healing power we all have in our bodies. Our bodies are walking pharmacies and make all the medicine we need on demand. But most of us have doubts, and keep looking for a miracle drug from the outside, expecting magic, forgetting that even magical drugs cannot work in our body unless we have receptors for that particular drug.
Most allopathic drugs work on one target symptom, whereas nutrition, herbs, exercise, yoga, and meditation work on multiple target areas of the body and mind. And the results are profound and even spontaneous remission as in the case of Geeta.
In Dr. Kelly Turner’s book Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer against All Odds she writes about her specialized research focus is the radical remission of cancer, which occurs either in the absence of Western Medicine, or after Western Medicine has failed to achieve remission.
Our current model of medicine is not working at all. We have created more chronic diseases, in spite of boasting about progress in medicine.
The number one cause of deaths worldwide is still heart attacks, even after trillions of dollars of specific drugs sold. Are we fixing heart disease, or increasing it? The second cause is cancer, even with all the progress we have made in understanding cancer.  In stages III and IV of cancers, less than 2% people survive. Recent studies show, the third leading cause of death is caused by pharmaceutical drugs and hospital errors.
In the world of psychology, prescribing anti-psychotic drugs too quickly is another scary trend.  Side effects and long-term dependencies on these types of drugs can lead to other symptoms.  A different pill for every symptom does not deal with the underlying root cause.
Ayurvedic medicine provides a holistic approach to health, where every aspect of a person, such as  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, is taken into consideration. We all are different and need different approaches to heal our bodies.
Ayurveda’s use of the mind-body type, called dosha, is a unique concept.  Dr. Deepak Chopra says “In Ayurveda, health is defined as the dynamic state of balance between mind, body, and environment. It is possible for each of us to achieve and maintain a vibrant and joyful state of health by identifying our mind-body type and then creating a lifestyle that sustains and nurtures our unique nature.”
Using this mind-body type is very similar to genomic medicine, where we are learning that we cannot prescribe the same drug for everyone. For example, Aspirin can be harmful for a Pitta dominant constitution (dosha) where as it may be alright for Vata and Kapha constitutions.
Ayurvedic medicine has its roots in the ancient Vedas. We are part and parcel of this universe. If we are going to spoil the serenity of this universe, then we must be prepared to accept that is going to have a negative effect on our health.
Geeta’s story is very inspiring.  She went in to remission after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. All of us have that innate ability to heal ourselves. Healing is natural–we don’t need expensive, “designer” drugs to heal us.  We just have to follow the simple laws of Mother Nature.  We are born with all the medicine-making that our bodies need and we just have to believe in it to learn how to tap into that inherent ability.   I wish all the best to Geeta for publishing her first book.
Om Shanti,

Dr. Virender Sodhi

Dr. Virender Sodhi, MD (Ayurveda), ND Fellow in Integrative OncologyCEO-Ayush Herbs, Inc., Director Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medical Clinic
Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, Ayurvedic Physician

Geeta Arora’s journey to Ayurveda started through suffering. Diagnosed with multiple ailments, including lymphoma, she cured herself through Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, and herbal medicines. This shows her dedication, devotion, and commitment to Ayurveda. Geeta’s book, Divine Delight, is a simple, practical guide that shows, by following proper instruction in Ayurveda and Yoga, you can achieve a perfect, healthy, happy life. Every individual’s life is divine. We are each an undivided, complete, total, and unique expression of cosmic consciousness, and to achieve that we need to follow a foundation of Ayurveda and Yoga. And Geeta proves that in her book.

Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, Ayurvedic PhysicianAuthor of Ayurveda: Science of Self Healing, the Textbook of Ayurveda series, & more

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Why Us?

In understanding the human psyche, the ancient texts teach us to look at the gross body to subtle energy systems.

Physical Body
Etherial Body (prana)
Emotional Body
Mental Body
Spiritual Body


The Taittiriya Upanishad explains the fascinating theory of the human being comprised of five sheaths called Pancha Koshas operating simultaneously.

  1. Annamaya kohsa – the physical body
  2. Pranamaya kosha – the etherial and astral body
  3. Manomaya kosha – the mental body
  4. Vigyanamaya kosha – the higher mental body
  5. Anandamaya kosha – the blissful space

The physical gross body is the vessel containing the life force, soul and subtleties connecting to the higher self.  The etherial and astral bodies create feelings, aura projections, sensitivities to clairvoyance and intuition. The mental body keeps limited minds contemplating on logical reasoning, experiences while the developed mental body has the ability for telepathy and psychic development. When the higher mental body is activated, deeper states of meditation, contemplation and ecstasy is realized with the ability to choose mindfully allowing the internal intellect to govern rather than the mischievous mind run by the senses. Finally, we can understand the place where no separation exists between people, the knowing of the ultimate bliss like Samadhi where one is able to experience realms of peaceful joy and freedom beyond limitations of the physical body. From this destination, one is able to find the divine sparks of God realizing that we are no different from God. We all have a spark of divinity within us just like setting a stick on fire from the great bonfire does not diminish but creates more of the fire. This is the journey to realizing God.