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Ayurveda = Ayu (life) + Veda (Wisdom)

Author, Ayurveda Practitioner & Integrity Coach

Geeta Priya Arora

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Ayurveda is a vast intuitive science that’s been around for over 5,000 years. Yoga is a sister science of Ayurveda from India. Ayurveda is a holistic medical system often called “the Mother of all Medicine” by medical scholars. Ayurveda takes care of the body inside out while Yoga teaches to quieten the thoughts and becomes the soul essence of you. The source of both wisdom is the Samkhya Philosophy from the Vedas (ancient scriptures) to understand body, mind and soul as being inseparable.

WHY should I Know About it?

It brings harmony to the natural laws & rhythms of nature, the more you know about the natural world, the more you get to know about yourself.

Ayurveda prevents acidity that may cause ulcers, painful joints, irregular menstruation, erratic emotions out of control emotions. By applying simple principles of Ayurveda you can turn around emotions to become calm and stable, energy becomes strong, the physical body has smoother joints, suppleness to the overall skin and is fully packed with anti-aging principles.

You can learn to balance your physical body, mind, heart and how you show up in the world.

WHAT is the FOCUS of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda focuses on prevention of disease!

The major tools are based on diet & lifestyle, yoga, meditation, breathing, treatments like massage, herbs and pranayama.


Health and harmony comes with understanding yourself and your nature from inside out.

Tell me More!

The Basic Ayurveda Principles are called: Doshas

Doshas are made up of: Five great elements making up the world – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space


Doshas are combinations of these 5 great elements:

Vata (Air & Space) – active, more movement energy

Pitta – fire, transformational energy (leaders, politicians take charge individuals)

Kapha – slow, steady, strength and lots of stamina energy (grounded and visionary type individuals)

We are all combinations of this, in Ayurveda we identify your predominance of energies called constitutions. When you understand particular predominant energies, knowing your constitution will guide you in very specific ways.

For example: Someone with a Pitta constitution. Fire, fierce, spreads, destructive energy – if fire grows it causes rashes, inflammations, acidity, heartburn, redness at a physical level. Ayurveda helps to see what is happening internally. We also look at their lifestyle, where they live (hot climate increasing pitta and transferring into body and mind), what types of foods do they eat. Once identified, there are specific ways to balance out – adjust and pacify these energies called Doshas.

How is Ayurveda related to Yoga?

Both systems have common roots in the Samkhya Philosophy from the Ancient texts called Vedas. Ayurveda is the practice of keeping the mind, body and subtle energies operating at an optimal level. Yoga is the practice of stopping the restless mind take over, it brings calm and peace to the internal being, allowing you to take your inner personal journey to your higher consciousness.

In the ancient texts, Yoga is a proven system of understanding psychology and the mind while Ayurveda helps keeping the body, mind and the physical aspect of you at it’s balanced place.

I did my Yoga Teacher Training but Ayurveda training was not included, can I still learn?

Of course, Ayurveda is a pre-requisite for all Yoga teachers. We are here to bridge the gap so you can better your practice. It’s absolutely critical to have a basic understanding of these principles. You’ll be surprised how much more insight you get with your class and students understanding why they behave and operate the way they do. You can guide them better without any judgement.

For example, who wears the best clothes, is competitive and shows off in a Yoga class?  Pitta – due to their rajasic nature, that is how they are built. The fire, drive, motivation and heat make them competitive with their own self. They like their space and may be in the same place with their mat every time……..sound familiar!

A Yoga teacher can help with helping their mind slow down, calm and relax. Otherwise, they walk out of class even more fired up and have not practiced bringing inner peace to the mind but only done some gymnastics to feel good.

It’s important to understand constitutions to offer a class where people are truly practicing Yoga (breath, body & mind aligned) and don’t end up with injuries.

Can holistic practitioners, aestheticians, massage therapists benefit from your basic course?

Absolutely!  You will have a general understanding you can add to your existing practice to enhance your consultations, speak to each individual from another perspective. You will have so much more in-depth knowledge and appreciation for your own practice.

I’m not a healer or any kind of practitioner but I want to learn more, how can I get started?

We welcome anyone who is interested in learning this wisdom for their own self, their family or loved one. The Ayurveda Basics Course is a great place to begin. Our goal is to spread the word about Ayurveda and all our programs are designed to include beginners, unless specified as an advanced course for specific groups of people.

I’m taking prescription medications, can Ayurveda help?

Use Ayurveda as a complementary medicine through lifestyle, mind and body adjustments  get your body back into balance. This is more powerful than meets the eye- you will learn about your body and mind constitution. Ayurveda Practitioners are not doctors in this country, however, you can work closely with healthcare physicians to balance your body, mind and heart.

Modern medicine gives prescription for the same symptoms to everyone, Ayurveda looks at the constitutions and customizes how to live in accordance with nature based on your mind and body makeup, where you live, what you do, how your mind thinks, what foods you eat, how much sleep you get and so much more.

In America, we do not treat, diagnose, prescribe, cure or prevent any health ailment, condition or disease. The information presented is for educational and informational purposes to maintain and promote health. Make sure you keep in touch with your medical physician if prescribed any medications for them to assess when and how to stop taking your medications.

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I have a bone on bone situation with my right hip and was suffering quite a bit when I met Geeta. To back up just a bit, I am scheduled to get a hip replacement. The surgeon is well known and very busy, so my surgery date is 2 months away. Geeta saw me limping one day and asked if I was all right, and we struck up a conversation. She said she was an Ayurvedic practitioner and may be able to help me with the pain, so I went for a consultation, and was so impressed with her knowledge, intelligence, credentials, acute listening skills, generosity and deep compassion. The 15 minute free consultation turned into 1.5 hours, and I decided to take the journey of healing with her through a 7-day Panchakarma treatment. Having had 7 years of meditation training from the same spiritual center that Geeta got her Ayurveda training, I understood that this would be an authentic and deep treatment, possibly transformational, but I remained curious and went in with an open mind and the willingness to see what would unfold. The hot oil massages and steam tent to release toxins, the shirodhara treatment (dripping of water on your 3rd eye area), the many conversations that I shared whatever came up on the table, all helped me to deeply release physically, mentally and emotionally. I never had such an understanding of the connection between how the mind, our traumas and emotional issues are so intertwined with our body and disease (dis-ease)/pain. Geeta also put me on a cleansing/balancing diet. And all the while, supported me in the kindest, most caring and compassionate way, dispensing so much wisdom. After suffering with severe hip pains for a year, and looking for solutions through Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, the Panchakarma treatment did the most good in helping my hip pain to lessen. There is so much to continue with after the treatment. Geeta helped me to set the intention of healing myself so that possibly, by the time my surgery date arrives, my pain may not be there anymore. Our journey together gave me that possibility, and even if I end up needing the surgery still, so much has shifted for me, that I can honestly say that I am in a totally different and much more peaceful, pure, grounded and clearer space than where I was when I started the treatment. Geeta is a very special woman of the highest integrity, with a commitment to help you heal yourself in a transformational way that you cannot imagine going in. It’s hard to put this kind of “what you get” experience into words. You need to try it and see for yourself. She will take excellent care of you.

-Clarice H. (Mountain View)

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